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Itty Bitty Celtic Witch

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The Itty Bitty Celtic Witch

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Welcome :)


I'm the Itty Bitty Celtic Witch!

My path is inspired by simple moments of everyday magick. It weaves together tarot with green witchery, the turning of the seasons, and the magick of home.

I've been sharing a love of witchery and tarot for 7 years as a professional tarot reader and magickal creator.

Catch me over on Patreon, Insta, YouTube or checkout my e-book.

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What Peeps Are Saying

"These are brilliant! A really good starting point for the wheel of the year, and a good quick reference. Really pleased with them."

"Such a thoughtful and beautiful reading! It is one I have revisited repeatedly. Thank you!!"

"Omg these are the best cards ever quick reference guides and lots of history details so in love with these."

Magickal Info Cards

- Dec. 3, 2020


Tarot Reading

- July 2019


Magickal Info Cards

- January 2020



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To reach me come visit on social at the links above or by email at ittybittycelticwitch(@)

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