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5 Simple Beltaine Ritual Ideas

Around here in Canada, Beltaine – which arrives on May 1 in the Northern Hemisphere is a bit like the visible beginning of Spring. Around about late April and early May the snows and freezing rainy have *usually* mostly wrapped up. Green shoots are beginning to emerge through the soil and the bushes begin to enter that stunning green haze before everything blossoms in a cascade of petals.

Beltaine looks a little bit different across the Northern Hemisphere – whereas I’ll be celebrating the last of the melting snows others will already be immersed in blossoms! Plus, quite honestly the temperatures here vary from year to year – sometimes April still has a few snowfalls other times its spring blossoms!

So as you plan your Beltaine celebrations remember to listen to spirit and to the natural environment around you. Let these be your guide as to what feels best and most fitting for your celebrations and rituals.

1. Light a Candle

Beltaine is a traditional fire festival, welcome fire element energy by lighting a tealight or votive candle and soaking up its warm glow.

2. Welcome Greenery

Beltaine marks the ever-warming days, welcome in the vibrant greenery bursting to life by planting, gardening, or going for a walk outdoors.

3. Celebrate New Life

Beltaine is also a fertility festival – a celebration of new life and growth. Celebrate new life by watching for new creatures and honouring spirit’s growth.

4. Bless Projects

Recenter by checking in with your projects. How can you nurture the seedlings that started at the beginning of the year to help them grow throughout the summer?

5. Embrace Loving Energy

Beltaine is interwoven with much loving energy. Nurture the loving energy in your life – self, romantic, friendly, familial, creature, and green being love.

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