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5 Simple Litha Ritual Ideas

Litha arrives at the Summer Solstice around June 20 or 21st when the days are warm and both green beings and creatures alike are thriving and there is much abundant magick flowing through nature.

This post explores 5 simple ways you can weave this abundant green magick into your witchcraft practice for your Litha celebrations.

As with any magick, let spirit be your guide. Feel free to weave any of these suggestions into your practice (or not :p) while also letting the intuitive messages coming through to you guide your journeys this Litha.

1. Soak Up Sunshine

Litha arrives at the Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year bringing an abundance of warmth. Put on some sunscreen, head outdoors, and soak it up!

2. Water With Magick

With midsummer’s high heat, water is as much a part of Litha as sunny fire energy. Bless your watering can to weave nourishing water magick in your garden.

3. Passionately Grow Projects

At the summer solstice greenery flourishes vibrantly and creatures grow strong. Infuse the projects you are working on with the vitality of this energy!

4. Be Mindful of Fae Energy

From Shakespeare to lore, Midsummer is interwoven with Fae Folk energy. Be mindful and considerate of their presence, and leave an offering if called to.

5. Weave Abundant Magick Outside

With green beings flourishing, Litha is the perfect time to weave an abundance spell in your garden, balcony, or patio beneath midsummer’s night sky

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