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5 Simple Ostara Ritual Ideas

Spring and Ostara are right around the corner or at the very least that’s what I keep reminding myself seeing as right now, in all honesty, it is literally blowing snow outside right now and I expect to see a cm or two by morning. Nonetheless, despite the snowy days of March, there are signs that spring is on its way.

The days are lengthening, the temperatures are more or less warmer, it’s not -20 here anymore, most days it’s closer to 0 so if that’s not a cause to celebrate I don’t know what is

So, with Spring just around the corner, no matter how snowy it might be outdoors, I decided to put this post together on 5 simple ways to celebrate Ostara!

1. Plant Seeds

Even if you can’t yet sew your seeds in the ground, planting a few seedlings in the soil right within your home is a powerful way to celebrate Ostara. Planting seeds for your Ostara ritual is also really handy if you’re on a budget. Many dollar stores and grocery stores sell small bags of soil and seeds for a decent price. So you can plant yourself some sage for under $5 which is less than a latte.

2. Honour Eostra

Eostra is believed to be an Anglo-Saxon goddess associated with the coming of the dawn and so the warming of the earth at Spring. Not feeling called to honour a deity this Ostara? Don’t sweat it – spending time with mother earth is a profound way to honour the season as well. Always let spirit guide your meditations and path.

3. Meditate

Honour Ostara and the changing seasons by taking a moment to reflect on the earth’s natural cycles while meditating. Meditation can take on so many different forms. If you can’t settle come Ostara head outdoors for a walk, or take a few moments to breathe in the fresh air. Make meditative moments as spirit calls you to.

4. Soak up Spring’s Warmth

It might not be summer temperatures yet but a bright ray of sunshine and a breath of the warming air is certainly cause for celebration come Ostara. So if you can, head outdoors and honour spring in the way that speaks to your spirit!

5. Uplift Spirit With Floral Scents

If the snow is still blowing and the temperatures are a tad chilly it can be harder to get in the Ostara spirit. If this is the case, light a floral scented candle to uplift spirit. Given the blowing snow outdoors lately, for my Ostara celebration, I’ve brewed up a lavender candle to uplift my Ostara evening. Sometimes, a ritual can be as simple as lighting a candle with awareness and mindfulness for the season.

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