5 Simple Samhain Ritual Ideas

Samhain brings an undeniable magick to the air. The veil between this world and the Otherworld thins, bringing the fae, ancestors and gods ever closer as they pass ‘tween the worlds. These simple Samhain ritual ideas are meant to help you infuse magick into your life during this bewitching time.

The sabbat Samhain is usually honoured on October 31. It is quite unique in the sense that it is the most widely celebrated sabbat among pagans and non-pagans alike. This is because of the popularity of Halloween, which sprung from the roots of Samhain.

The traditions of carving a Jack O’Lantern and dressing up as a monster or ghoul for Halloween originated from Samhain and the thinning of the veil. Both carving a traditional gourd like a turnip or squash – or today’s pumpkin and dressing up as a goblin or ghoul were practices thought to offer protection from the spirits who wandered among the living due to the thin veil.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Samhain let your intuition and spirit guide you. Spirit is always the most important guide when it comes to how you practise your winding path. )O(

1. Honour Ancestors

At Samhain the veil between our world and the Otherworld is thin. Honour the ancestors who visit while the veil is thin by setting an extra plate at dinner or in a way that calls to your spirit.

2. Light a Candle

During Samhain, we begin to venture into the dark half of the year when the weather cools. Light a candle to add magickal warmth to your hearth and home.

3. Magickal Samhain Meal

Samhain is the last harvest festival before winter’s frosts set in. Honour the magick of this harvest with a meal that includes traditional produce like pumpkins.

4. Release Old Energy

This seasonal transition brings up a perfect opportunity to release energy, or attitudes that no longer serve you. Take a moment to visualise these and then let them go.

5. Breathe in Autumn Air

Along with Samhain, the weather gets ever cooler. Spend time outdoors soaking up the season. Bring awareness by noticing the changing leaves, trees that may already be bare and the crispness in the air as the season transitions.

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